52 Genius Life Hacks For the New Home Owner

Hacks are all the rage these days, and for good reason…because bacon is precious. That and other things. Here’s one tip below, and follow the link for all 52.

How to UnFreeze One Bacon Strip (or any slice of meat) at a Time

This is oh so easy, and yet will likely save someone’s life one of these days. Ever have bulk meats like bacon strips or deli meats that you freeze in order to pull out and/or surprise yourself with at some crucial time in the distant future? Be sure to prepare the meat for frozen storage using this simple strategy that will allow you to remove one slice of meat or bacon strip at a time for thawing as needed. Grab a long sheet of wax paper and from end to end, lay down your bacon strips with about an inch gap in between them. When finished, begin rolling the wax paper so each of your bacon strips are separated by a layer of wax paper. When a strip is needed, simply unfold the wax paper to grab what is needed without disturbing the rest of the delicious frozen pork.

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