Food Processor Recipes & Ideas You Need Now

If the food processor is not near the center of your kitchen universe – here’s why it should be. 19 different ideas for how to use your food processor/high speed blender that you may not have thought of. I finally broke down and bought one of those endlessly raved about Vitamix blenders, and thank god I did. It behaves just like a food processor but with more versatility. The price may be steep for those people conditioned to the budget blenders you find at Walmart, but trust me, the money you’ll be able to save using that powerhouse to whip up your own food rather than throwing more jars (and more unpronounceable preservatives) into your grocery basket will more than pay for itself in relatively short order. I’ve personally made some delicious cashew butter, chocolate pudding, ranch dressing, and cauliflower pizza crust. The rest are on my list.

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